Hermet Park (Korean name: 박춘언) is a senior software engineer at Samsung Electronics. He has contributed to improvement of Tizen UX, UI, Tizen graphics system since 2009. Also he worked for development tools for Tizen applications. During working for Samsung, he involved in projects such as Samsung mobile, wearable and TV products.

Meanwhile, he has also worked in EFL(Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) project under the nick name 'Hermet' for years as well as runs EFL Korea community as the evangelist to expand it in Korea.

When he is in his spare time, he hangs out at home, write code for toy projects, read articles and books with regard to IT and SW. At times, he is totally into his hobbies, playing video games, writing essays, drawings, playing the piano, etc.

Email hermetpark@gmail.com
LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/hermetpark

Facebook facebook.com/hermetpark